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Percfest® Laigueglia

European percussion festival and jazz festival

PERCFEST®  is the great musical event that takes place in  Laigueglia (SV) the beautiful Ligurian town  "Pearl of the Bay of the Sun" accredited as  "One of the most beautiful villages in Italy"
PERCFEST®  under the artistic direction of Rosario Bonaccorso  offers you dozens and dozens of FREE music events.
Shows, culture and entertainment in a continuous happening  which has no equal in Liguria,  a pearl of rare musical beauty in Italy.
PERCFEST®  offers 2 great appointments with music:
"Since 1996 the JAZZ FESTIVAL"
Sounds Dreams Images in Midsummer Nights® "  with 16 concerts of international level

Client: Percfest

Study and realization:  Poster, Playbill, concert program, gadgets 

Software: Indesign, Photoshop

Year: 2008

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