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TAOS - the art of science

Client: Taos

Study and realization: Name search, Logo, corporate identity, brochures, catalogs, packaging, still life products, videos  instructions.

Software: Indesign, Photoshop, illustrator, Imovie

Year: 2010

is alive! it is an environment  biologically balanced, in which little ones live  farmed shrimp, which interact with the other elements of this  Miniature aquatic ecosystem in plastic material.

TAOS - The Art of Science,

world producer of living ecosystems tested in space


TAOS products are born from NASA technology and our passion for nature. LIFE is the common thread: all our products convey a LIVING message. In our products with nourishing gel, the seeds give life to plants and flowers, educating to respect for the environment and love for nature.

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